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Welcome to Traditions Mexico, Cultural Journeys

Small group, meticulously crafted cultural tours and workshops among the ancestral potters, weavers, and rural folk artists and artisans of indigenous Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Michoacan, Mexico.

Monte Alban, Oaxaca,Mexico

From a gathering of traditional Mayan weavers, the ritual dances of a Zapotec festival or a steaming pot of broth over the fire in a Tarascan kitchen, our backcactus tours immerse you in the lifeways of the little known, culturally diverse world of southern Mexico.

Our tours introduce you to the people and places of another land, another way and another pace. Traditions Mexico takes you across that cultural gap. We bridge that gap by creating encounters around common interests such as pottery, weaving and food creation, or immersing ourselves in the goings on of a local festival. In this way we share and participate, creating a two-way exchange and a dynamic encounter, breaking down the barrier of us and them and creating magical moments of what we believe much of travel is about; people meeting people with their eyes wide open.

Check our tour schedule to learn more about our offerings or contact us at traditionsmexico@yahoo.com to arrange a custom tour for your group.

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Seven Oaxaca Pottery Villages