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Traditions Mexico

Since 1997 we have been crafting tours with the goal of showing people a Mexico they never knew existed; richly diverse, wise and ancient. Traditions Mexico was founded by Eric Mindling, who has worked with the traditional people of southern Mexico since 1990. His work and that of Traditions Mexico is continually driven by a respect and admiration of deeply rooted people and the quiet wisdom of their ways.

Our travel experiences deliver something that would be very hard to get on your own; access and knowledge that only comes with decades of immersion, exploration and passion for a region and it's people. Our trips are lead by unique individuals who are more cultural ambassadors than guides. They are specialists and aficionados, authors and long term students of the cultures of Oaxaca and Chiapas, experienced, involved, and totally in love with what they do!

“Without trying, they teach us things we truly need to know, things that we forgot so long ago we don’t even know they’re gone”.
Traditions Mexico founder, Eric Mindling, speaks about the search for roots and belonging, which is really the quiet essence behind our tours.

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